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SkyDog Crossfire Bridle Adjustment

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I guess what I'd like to know is, how the second line from the upper LE fitting (pitch control?) works and is adjusted? I seem to be having ALOT of problems getting the kite to pitch in upright roll ups. Thinking maybe I need to lay the sail back on the angle of attack quite a bit from the stock bridle mark? But how should the pitch line be adjusted? I've moved it a little but haven't caught onto how it works.

I know I don't have the timing down to roll up upright, but I can't get it to pitch hardley at all. Frustrated....

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I'm not familiar with the Crossfire bridle, if you posted some pictures, I might be able to help more. BUT, if things are as they should be, the kite should be able to roll up out of the bag. Did it come with a tail weight ? Putting some weight in the tail will help it greatly to pitch. Also, don't forget to throw ALOT of slack right after your input to roll up. Lack of slack was one of the hardest things that I had to overcome when learning to trick...


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It comes with 2 weights. In the bottom of the kites range it's fairly easy to roll up upright. I'm also not having any problems rolling up from a fade starting position or from a take off. Wonder if the stock angle of attack is just too nose in for my flying style? Mid wind range and up I can't get the initial pitch to get the roll going. Upright anyway. Too much lift could be the problem. Specially since I notice that even light pumping in the lower end causes the kite to stall instead of shooting forward. Now that I think of it I kinda feel like a dip stick for not laying the nose back farther than I have. Dee De Dee.... :ani_wallbash: Not being able to hold a stall in the mid range should have been a pretty big clue eh? :ani_whistling:

Have to lay it back and get back to ya if that helped or not. If not a picture will be posted and we'll figure this out. Still curious about how the pitch line works....

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