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West Australian

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Hi all,

I have had more than a dozen people describe the Plutz 3 and Mega Plutz 2013 Glider Kites as "Flying Art"

I rarely get approched by onlookers when flying Dual lines. I have never been approached when I Fly Quad.

Lots of people do come up when I fly Gliders though.

I think it is because they are suprised to see a kite in the sky when there is little to no wind.


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Yes, the Zero G gets more attention than I would have guessed. One comment was "It doesn't go very high" & "Looks like you barely saved it, over & over". But my favorite was "Seems like you're trying to lasso the wind".

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My Plutz-3 matches your blue one. It hangs from my living room ceiling. Much nicer than keeping it in the bag, and it's all ready setup, ready to fly if I get the urge to run out in the back yard & fly.

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Well I always try to focus on the positive comments.

When Doing Dual line Flic Flacs etc, I often had people telling me to put a tail on the kite to stabilze it.

It is only a lack of understanding.

I like the Lasso the wind comment. That sounds cool.


The Pop Art P3's are awesome looking and awesome flyers. Would you agree?

I plan on stacking my 2 at some stage. If it goes well I might get the Red one too and try a 3 stack....

Wayne is right. be careful about stretching the sail. The P3 is not easily re-tensioned.

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I had a chance to fly at a local park recently.

It was a zero wind day, so out came the gliders.

First up was the Blue Pop Art Plutz 3 (P3)

Light and Playful, Quick turns and great Glides.



Then the Purple



Then the Big Daddy, The Mega Plutz 2013 (MP 2013)

Bigger, Slower, More Graceful.



This is an "In-Flight" shot... Just before it hit me in the face.

Flying Art......

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