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Suggestions on Finding Indoor Places

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TK and I get into our local community center (their basketball gym) for $25 per hour during the week.

Some folks have also had luck with such venues, churches or schools by offering to do kite presentations for students / visitors. :)

Key is, if they're resistant - come prepared with video examples (especially the ones below), and be ready to offer some sort of mutual benefit.


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Thanks for the Info Guys.

Hey Wayne, sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Thats great.

Thanks for the links John. Only place I have found so far has plenty of room, but wants $60 per hour.

Thats ok for a once off to try out indoor, but not something I can do often.

I am still looking around, thanks for the suggested places.

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We have the support of our town community centre... $3/person for two hours (sometimes longer if nobody is coming in behind us). During the summer months we get to use the ice pads when the ice is out. Once they start turning on the compressors and getting the pad ready for the hockey season, we move back in to the large gymnasium where we fly once a week, every week, for the rest of the year.

We have a group of 11 who may or may not all be there each week to fly. Once we're back in the gymnasium, we take turns flying to the tunes.

We all fly single line gliders, one of our group is teaching himself dual line.

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output.jpgI just discovered this place today.  Several elementary schools here in the Spokane WA area were built with a similar design that included an "elements protected area" perhaps for recess activities when the weather was not all that great.  The area is protected from wind on 3 sides and on top.  The width of the area is ~ 25-30' and the height matches the adjacent gym and slopes off, at least double my height.  I plan to enjoy flying my iflight there and then begin learning how to fly an indoor quad.


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Find a little clearing place at the local park, densely surrounded by lush trees.  That will give you that same effect, except for an unlimited ceiling, or come visit us in the nation's capitol and experience no wind on the grounds of the Washington Monument (at least 5 months out of the year!)

 Try a covered dome tennis court, you don't need the net removed, just work around it.

My advise for folks flying at the National Air and Space Museum is to practice on a basketball court, but YOU only get to stand in the "paint area".  Your kite can fly anywhere you want, but you personally are severely restricted in the area you can move around in.  When that practice  is down pat, you'll find you're on very short lines and using an indoor kite worthy of such a location

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Some of the places I've seen folks find success at sometimes...

  • Their local church gym
  • Handball / racquetball courts
  • Local community center gyms
  • YMCA / YWCA gyms
  • Indoor soccer fields

A lot of times the tricks just seems to be finding a time slot where any of those aren't being used, and approaching the management correctly with good videos and description so they know it's a real, controlled and safe activity for their space.

Otherwise you can also go urban as suggested above, which could include courtyards and walkways between large buildings that obstruct the wind effectively - of course, onsite security may chase you off (insurance liability mostly) but if you can demonstrate skill sometimes they'll look the other way - if not, be graceful and slide right on out of there.

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Rarely does security bother you at 3am...


Here in Oz there isn't the acceptance to use a large indoor space cheaply. I find carparks are a great hit. I would love to do half time at a basketball game. Standby for progress on that. 

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During the summer months we get to use the ice pads when the ice is out. Once they start turning on the compressors and getting the pad ready for the hockey season, .

This post made me imagine @johnbarresi on ice skates flying his quad at he skims around the ice. He says he is always looking for a new thing to try with kites.

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