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John Kennedy

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G'day guys & gals,
Quite recently I got the chance to chat with JB & Bazzer about my current idea's in regards to night kiting and what light options we all use.
By now a lot of people are aware of the "Finger Lights", sold as a pack of 4 usually with a colored LED bulb mounted in a small housing with a elastic backing which you can use to attach to your finger or in our case, the kite.

Through experimenting, I have found a High Powered LED Epistar of either 1W or 3W that you can solder little leads onto then sandwich a CR2032 button cell battery in between the leads. The advantage of this LED is it has a 140degree viewing angle and extremely bright.
I have placed these LED's either in front of the kite, of projected the light onto the back of the kite using a stand-off.

I have also used the Turnigy light sets, available from HobbyKing online, and they really, really stand out.

The REV pic attached has both a Turningy light strip as well as the individual 1W LED's on the corner's.

I have also recently discovered a DIY light kit being offered, but will purchase & test before posting here.

What have you made/ use to light up your kite?


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I use something similar. Don't have a picture available right now..as I am on the beach. Oats...a member here gave me a set graciously...and they work quite well. Twist on and off with a rubber washer for "waterproofing". Last forever...had mine for months ,with several sessions...and still havnt had to change battery. With a single l.e.d., there is a very slim draw on the cell

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those lights are available (or something very similar) from Flying smiles/Shooks.  Clips onto the magic stick, backlights the kite, weighs so little you could leave 'em on or set-up hours before darkness falls.  They are like 5 bucks, replaceable batteries, totally waterproof and a six second installation time.  The come in colors too, so you can find you kite during a "fly-thru" from a bursting ball HA!

We flew 'em rigged this way up at long beach island (NJ) for a night fly and a large meteor tore across the sky diagonally during the maneuver <LOL> we thought someone was invading our airspace,  everyone gasped and didn't know what to do.

good times with lights and kites

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