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Urban Ninja Maiden Flight


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I was pretty frustrated with the build and would have just bought one outright if they weren't so much money.

I'll build at least one or two more with some modifications after doing my best to follow the original plans exactly on this one. Seems like it's going to be a good flyer.


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This was the first flight off the workbench so haven't tried anything fancy yet. I thought I saw somewhere that someone is making replicas of these. I would not recommend these as a first build to anyone although they aren't that complicated.

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Thanks for the tip Wayne. I know a US nickel is exactly 5 grams...if we were to redo our currency system a dime should weigh exactly 10 grams :)

I had it out yesterday in a bit higher wind than I should have but wanted to try it since my latest modifications. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Thus far the most intuitive and easiest of the gliders I have is the Wala. The Zero G is the hardest and the U-Ninja and Horvath Hybrid 130 are somewhere in between and the iFlite's 1 & 2 have not had much air time yet.

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There is a video of the Ninja flying indoors at a mall over in the Far East. The Ninja glided so much better than mine, so I asked if the pilot had made any mods to make it glide that way! Sure enough, he had used some nose weight to get it to glide indoors! I normally use mine outdoors and keep my others for indoor flying!

Try a quarter, I think it weighs pretty close to that 10 gram mark!

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