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Prototype-Video: Kite scooter could outpace raceboards

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Race course kite boards can reach tremendous speeds easily exceeding 20knts in very light winds from 6knts onwards, if operated by skilled riders.
While this sounds like an excellent alternative to "classical" kite boarding, when the wind is just to light, hardly anyone seems to do it.
Main reason for this, I suppose, is a steep learning curve and it being physically and mentally exhausting, at least for beginners.
In the following video I am presenting a prototype of a kite scooter with a heel free rigging system, which could be operated almost instantly and effortlessly by any kiter.
I am convinced that, once properly designed by more qualified people than I am, it will performance-wise at least be on a par, if not even ahead of raceboards (due to a more effective fin/foil and the ability to use a bigger kite enabled by the heel free design).

Any feedback, praise, concerns, suggestions, questions, etc. welcome


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Ive never seen a kite that big! @___@
I hope your project continues! seems like a contender for sure.

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