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Original Hyperkites?


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I don't know where you can buy the original hyperkites (with wood spars). I believe that Kites Unlimited in Atlantic Beach, NC is about the only place that sells them. They have a huge availability of colors. Don & Jeri Dixon are great folks (if you contact them, tell them I said hi). Their Web site is Kites Unlimited and their phone number is 252-247-7011.

A photo of my small stack of six:



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Kites unlimited is the ONLY place to get them.

Hyperkites (The company) closed its doors in 1998 after the dominance of the "Big Wing" took over the stunt kite community.

Chances are you have Hyperkite "Star-Cruisers" (28" wing span)

If you do purchase more, consider re-framing the whole stack with the latest frame stock and replace the trainlines (Lines between the kites) with kevlar or spetra.

The performance will be quite noticable.

If you need more help or info, send me an Email.


Here's a pic of my baby...


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