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Possibly the most viewed kite video ever!

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I didn't see this in the recent forum posts, and I wanted to bring it back to the surface...

With almost 1.4 MILLION views since January, this video has become the most watched kite-specific video on YouTube and is STILL exposing thousands of new people to indoor kiting every week - hats off to Spencer Watson (our Executive Editor here at KiteLife), Matt Cyphert (MTP Studios), the World Kite Museum and Northwest Sport Kite League for helping to make this happen, truly amazing.

Best I can tell, this is now far and away the most-watched YouTube kite video of all time.

So proud of Watty, he's already helping to lead us into the future. :)

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This is great and is still great propaganda. The number of views as of today is 1 637 494. Progress, though at a reduced rate.

(However, this topic sounds so depressing though actually being a very positive one. Using the construct: "Over a million people exposed to X", I normally would expect X to be something harmful like: asbestos, solvents, DDT, polluted drinking water, bad ergonomics at work, invading slime moulds...  Actually I meant no harm to the slime moulds ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slime_mold , http://arstechnica.com/science/2010/01/amoeboid-designs-complex-transportation-network-eats-oats/ ). They are actually nice little (non-animal) creatures (of several centimeters dependent upon state) that actually do move/crawl/change shape(!), solve limited navigation problems, have a so to say external memory of where they have been, can be found in humid air conditioners (and haunt you in the sleep... :))...like SF but for real)

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    • By vnkite
      Let's enjoy the most interesting shoots about kite flying...
      ... coming from Vietnam Kite community!
      The best video of kites ever, do you think so?
    • By Palmahnic
      Dear forum,
      I want to share with you a video I made, a project really. This project took me about six months, four locations, 2 continents, 3 kites, 1 Xiaomi Yi sport camera, one John Lenon, some improvisation, and a lot of patience.
      The idea was to make a video of stunt kite tricks from a completely new perspective. The innovation of filming from the kite's perspective has an added value, meaning the simple fact of seeing everything from the other side, watching the affect of the lines on the kite, having a  closer look on the work of the bridle, etc. Also, I hope that the international locations would add even more color to the backdrop, as it were.
      I'm no master in kite tricking. On the contrary, I bow my head to the masters and veterans, from whom I still have a lot to learn. But I do want to contribute to this incredible sport and its amazing international community, which I have grown to love and appreciate over the last two years. I hope that in some small way, I'm doing my part in growing the sport, drawing more followers to it, and possibly shedding a new, although possibly pocket size, light on things. 
      I had a lot of fun making it. I hope you enjoy watching it.
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      Mike, Rose and Steve, three members of the 180 GO! Revolution kite flying team, perform with their personal kites over and near a 360 degree video camera at Montrose Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

      We had a small group from the Illinois Kite Enthusiasts http://www.ikeclub.org show up on March 28 at frozen Montrose Beach. I placed my 360 video camera about 8 inches off the sand and asked Mike, Rose and Steve to fly their Revs in the area. The camera perspective and optics makes it appear that they were flying a distance away. For much of the time they had the kites within about 25 feet. The final landing was about 3 feet from the camera.

      It's great to fly with these folks. They are very helpful to a beginner like myself. Letting me jump into the group and do whatever I feel that I can do. And yet gently nudge me to do better. That's me off to the side with my spiral. Airborne for a few seconds until I decided to just watch the masters.

      More photos: https://www.facebook.com/events/1595871713961606/


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