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    • By Erin
      I have a skytiger hi100 and I can't seem to get it to go to the top of the wind window.  It's been a number of years since I've flown, so any info would be helpful
    • By John Barresi
      For anyone who needs them, we have Pro Leaders available in the KiteLife shop!
      These are tied to my specifications, each one precisely made by my wife @TAKAKO using only the best quality cored bridle line.
      These are complete sets, including two longer top leaders and two shorter bottom leaders (4 pieces total).
      Tuning tips: After installing, set lines on the very end knot of each leader and try to launch - if launching is too difficult, shorten the top knot by one and try again, repeat until the kite feels "full" and gives you a good launch.
      The bottom knots are for quick equalization of your bottom lines (very important) which can vary every time you swap kites or lines due to the small variances in stretch for both lines and bridle, if one bottom left line feels a little longer, shorten accordingly.
      Grab yours now - http://kitelife.com/forum/store/category/5-accessories/
      And if you already have yours, we'd LOVE to hear about your experience with them via a reply here.
    • By happysuperbutton
      Hi Kitelifers, 
      Edit: August 21 2017 - Follow my Rev Kite learning journey (from day zero to present) in this thread!! Join me, share the failures and achievements, feel free to chime in if you read something you experienced too!
      I'm brand spanking new hoping to make some awesome new kite friends in the San Francisco Bay area..I'm in Santa Clara and frequent the Kite Lot in Mountain view by Google, flying RC stuff secretly.
      Ive done research and know there's a Bay Area kite sport league or something, and big kite groups up in Berkeley.
      That's just too far for my tight schedule.
      So hoping to meet some folks around closer here that will be willing to "take me under their wing" (or kite).
      I'm madly interested in the Rev kites.
      Actually I'm this close to dropping my wallet for the new EXP Rx kite, but at the same time, I really rather just get the Classic 1.5 and spend longer in the learning curve.
      I don't mean to start anything with the kite naming here, I'm just going with what is available to me today as a new comer.  I am aware of the history of Rev and the whole rebranding debacle that happened recently (yes, I've been lurking and researching a ton on Rev kites already even though I've never touched one yet)
      A mentor and flying friend on the weekends will be awesome, hoping to meet someone really soon whos willing to help guide me to my first purchase. The summer is already here and the winds are insane!
      Thanks and appreciate all of you.
    • By John Barresi
      This tutorial from Kitelife.com breaks down basic tuning methodology for most indoor dual line sport / stunt kites.

      You can look forward to a growing collection of similar tutorials covering equipment, flight techniques and other "pro secrets" gathered from over 20 years in the kiting community... A number of them will be available here on YouTube, while the majority of these tutorials will be located in the Kitelife Subscribers section, be sure to subscribe today if you like what we're doing here!
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