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Mini leaders (extend the life of your Rev leaders)

Wayne Dowler

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Most won't notice that difference in length, especially if you're just starting out! I agree the rings are kinda funky looking and they don't seem to respond as quick as the "no-snags"! Maybe something to do with the leader being attached directly to the handle? If you are really used to a certain length, then cutting the tube down is a very good option. Not sure how many of us are equipped to do that easily! PS: Stone in Shoe Bob, who came up with the mod, also doesn't do it to the tops, just bottoms!

I used the modded handle for many years without any problems, the bit of added length didn't matter, as I had just got back into flying and wasn't grooved into a certain feel! Last year, I switched to handles bent to the indoor angle, as I had tried them out at WSIKF and was impressed! Got 2 sets - 13"+15", and am thinking of adding 14" to my group! Yes, they do get a bit "twitchy" in high winds, but I usually change sails first, before that happens! I love the 15" in light winds with my SUL or anytime I think the wind might die down. The 13" are my "go-to" handles, ready to use whenever it's blowing a bit!

SR - a bit of info! Those 9" were originally for the Rev II, 11" came with the Rev I! I bought both in the late '90s, and that's what came in the packages! Still have them both too, modded with the anchor and screw!! :ani_idea:

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Those 9" were originally for the Rev II, 11" came with the Rev I! I bought both in the late '90s, and that's what came in the packages! :ani_idea:

Really, that's news to me too, but I guess you would know, Wayne. I really wasn't aware that there was a 9" handle, until SR mentioned it. That is definitely short. My Rev II, came with 11" handles, but that was in 2010.......... Can't believe that they put those short 11" handles with the Rev I, back in the beginning............ Things change !! :ani_giveup:

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I bought both the Rev I and II around 1998 - 99! Isn't it funny how things change? The B-2 is sold with 11" and the Zen is sold without any at all! Seems like everything has moved up a size from what it was way back! But there's that much newer info now! I think the idea was that shorter handles were less "twitchy" so the kite was more controllable! I used to just put my son's Rev II on my Rev I lines and handles when the wind got stiff! 150# lines with 11" handles - could you get it any calmer? Last year I stuck the II on 120' x 90# lines, it didn't seem near as fast or wild on that length/weight either!

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