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Vented B2 Revolution (10/20/13)

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When we travel, my old and tired Rev2 comes along to be flown in interesting places. Here it is stretching it's sail in Monument Valley on the Arizona-Utah state line. It sure could use a companion

I'm In ! (opps, we're all in on this one) 5-9-0

Holy shizznit Batman! How cool! Pics and video for sure Thanks for the opportunity!

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There are a few folks online right now, more than normal. I wonder how many are waiting to see if the RNG will speak?

I don't know, but I'm not going to wait much longer. John hasn't been online since yesterday, so I'm thinking he had something to come up, or he forgot the drawing............. :cat_shocked:

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*falls on sword*

Didn't forget, totally caught up in some personal stuff here - endless, endless apologies. :ani_wallbash:

Right-o, I won't delay a minute longer!

Random draw from 1-1152, this much awaited B2 Vented is going home with...

487 (expired)

Okay - got a live one on the second try, winner winner chicken dinner!


Congratulations to Mr Scott Benz (aka mystaynedskin)!

Stay tuned, more sanity and prizes forthcoming. :)

Thanks all!

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Bonus draw to try and make up, I have a couple of 2008 iQuad DVDs laying around... Good vintage fun. :)

Winner #1








952 - John Ogden!

(whew, really gotta find a better way to draw one of these days)

Winner #2


1077 - John Pool!

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Barely had enough juice on my phone to reply...even more so cause i had to check it twice :) Its just the icing on the cake....I have received more than I could have ever imagined from a small group of people here. The kite just makes me smile even more! :sign_kitelife: Cant wait to take it for a spin and let some others have a go too! Is it here yet? :mf_party:

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Scott, Michael and John P. Congratulations!!!! Have great fun with your winnings *Smiles*

John B. thank you for a great website/forum, and the opportunity to win some great kite equipment. You are a fantastic spokesperson and leader of the kiting community!


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