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Sounds like very stout advise. I saw this very recently. I have experienced something similar when learning slack line tricks. A brake line sometimes hook the bungee attachment on the back side of the sail..producing the spinning in one direction effect.

I think I was very fortunate...quads were really my first and not a lot of other habits to break.

Stick with it and don't get discouraged....the rewards will be well worth it. :)

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My guess, concerning your problem (uncontrolled spin), would be severely uneven lines, or as Scott mentioned, a bottom (brake) line snagged on the bungee, at the bottom of the vertical spar........ Been there, done that !

It's very important that the right & left (top) lines be equal. Also important that the right & left (bottom) lines be equal. Normal flying will create slight differences, in the top set of lines vs the bottom set, but this is easily compensated for, with your knotted leaders. However, it's very important that right & left lines be matched up equally, whether comparing the tops, or the bottoms.

Oh, and just because you have new lines, don't just assume that they are perfectly matched. I've seen new lines that were mismatched, by as much as 6 inches.

Based on the description of your day, and based on the fact that you were able to go straight up, and back down, some of the time, I'd guess that you had a wrap, as described by Scott, above, when you went into the uncontrollable spirals. :cat_shy:(just my opinion)

This is also where you can pop a leading edge - when that spiraling Rev meets the ground :ani_wallbash:

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It's not a substitute for stretching all four lines from a stake to check length, but there's a quick check I like to do whenever I set up. With the rev parked leading edge up, hold the handles together in both hands so that they're lined up evenly together, top to top and bottom to bottom. Keeping the handles tightly together, launch and try to fly straight up. If the kite won't fly straight up the window, you need to adjust leaders until it will. Normally you just add a bit more brake (lengthen the leader) on the side that wants to get ahead. Make sure that you don't have a snag on a bottom wingtip. Even if the lines themselves are clear, you can have a lower bridle leg looped around the endcap. It can be hard to see at a distance, but it's enough to make the kite misbehave.

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Also take care during setup, to make sure everything is pulling from the same direction!! All your bridle lines should come off the caps in the same order, left and right sides! Having a bridle line wound up in a bunjii will cause an uneven pull! Look to make sure all connections come off "clean"!

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