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G'day Brains Trust,

Do you have insurance for when you fly?

Is there specialty insurance for flying?

I'm going to be getting around this summer and it has been a splinter in my mind for a while. I'm a member of the AKA but as I understand it, that is for sanctioned events. Happy to be corrected... There is no kite flying club in this state as there is some sort of public liability associated with them. Again, not sure if I join a club in another state I may get coverage. Have to look into that. I know performers at events are usually covered by the event liability.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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It's always worth having insurence just in case of accident - folks are only too keen to sue these days. Here in the UK you can get personal cover but it's quite expensive. A lot of the bigger kite clubs cover members on a club policy which is often cheaper. My club membership costs £15 a year and as well as access to club events it give me insurence cover of up to £5M whenever I fly.

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I don't know but assume the following will be the same for kite flying as rc plane flying; home owner's insurance will cover you. I don't know how that works but a local city park let s people fly rc there as long as they're an AMA member which has insurance for members or they have home owner's insurance.

You may want to check that avenue.

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