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Kite skills - suggestions needed please


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I have an interview for a promotion at work on Thursday. This interview is of a different nature than most interviews. I need to teach a skill to four of my company's leadership team. I have 15 minutes to do this in a training room. The purpose of this is to show how well I can teach/train.

My initial thinkings are to teach:

- Flying a Rev and after thinking about it for a bit I feel that doing this without being able to actually fly a Rev would be pretty tricky. I wouldn't think a 15 minute "classroom" presentation could give a person enough info to begin to fly a Rev. Maybe I am wrong as I think I could use an area with some room next to the training room where I could lay out my 45 foot lines so I can have a 3d visual.

- Flying a dually. I believe it'd be easier for the learners to understand over learning a quad. On the down side, a 15 min presentation is a long time and without be able to actually fly, a quad has more to teach to fill up the 15 minutes. I am not as versed in dually technique as quad.

- Making a kite. I like this idea although I don't know if I'd be able to procure all the material and tools needed by Thursday. Actually all I am concerned about is getting the string in time, the rest is easy enough to find locally. I found some decent plans at http://www.my-best-kite.com/kite-plans.html . I am not sure having kites made will be what they will be looking for as it's more them working and not so much me teaching. I also am concerned if 15 minutes will be enough time to make a simple kite sharing tools with four people.

While typing this out I got a text from who will be my direct supervisor if I were to get this position and he said I can use the area where I can lay out my 45 Rev Lines. I am thinking I'll go the Rev route.

Any suggestions on a kite topic, my three options, or anything else?

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I have trouble teaching revs...Just can't seem to find the right words or actions. I would maybe think about a small slk or glider. It can be done in a fairly small and indoor area if need be. How about a trash bag glider...some line.tape.spar material..and a box of bags? As far as line goes.... Just use a good thread. I know it doesnt make the kiter in you happy...but it will serve its purpose :)

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The link I gave above was all simple materials, bags, bamboo skewers, etc. I can see a good thread being used for the bridle, would that work for the flying line? Regardless, I am concerned if this would meet the goal of what my supervisors are looking for as far as being able to evaluate my teaching ability as opposed to them spending most of time doing the building. On the other hand this avenue would be interactive as well as having them each being able to walk away with something might be a good plus for the interview.

My game plan right now is to do the REV/quad teaching. I will do a brief kite history maybe one - two minutes, show a two minute vid I put together last night showing quads in actual flight, then head over to the warehouse area and spend 10 minutes explaining laying out lines and setting up the Rev, the Joe Hadzicki teaching method, basic airflow/sail interactions, and if more time is needed to be used I'll bust out other Revs and/or my quad foil to explain the differences.

I need to roll out on some errands for a couple of hours, I will ponder the glider teaching Scott. I need to get this presentation mostly completed/planned today as my work week starts tomorrow and I have long days leaving not much time to do anything when I get home from work.

I appreciate your input Scott!

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