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Karma Drawing 1/16/14 Custom Kite Stakes


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Well ladies and gents lets keep this Karma flowing. Once again I am going to offer up two of my custom kite stakes for the Karma Drawing.
I have some with acrylic knobs and some with hardwood knobs, I have pictures of the available kite stakes so the winner can choose any two (2) that he or she prefers. Holsters with carabiner clips are included. I have more acrylic material ordered and hopefully it will be in soon enough that I can add a few more colors to the lot.

Standard Karma Rules and Guidelines apply: http://kitelife.com/...s-please-read/.

The deadline for entering the drawing will be 6PM EST 1/16/14.
Short of a natural disaster or family emergency the winner will be posted by 10PM EST.
Shipping to the lower 48 US States only.

1. bbailey49
2. Tmadz
3. Wayne Dowler
4. Amexpmh
5. John Barresi
6. Kevin Reynolds
7. Mr Robin McCracken
8. mystainedskin
9. Hasek

10. cerfvoliste

11. windpoacher

12. Jynx

13. GammoRay









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Well people the RNG has spoken once again. The lucky number is #11, windpoacher is the winner. PM me your 2 choices and your shipping address and I will get the stakes and holsters in the mail as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for their entries it has been fun. Congratulations to windpoacher.:ani_victory:

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It is a conspiracy ... :crazy: ......

I have not seen wind or needed a stake in 2 months, or longer !! and I win a couple great looking one's !!

I Thank you Oldcaptainrusty.... and the rest of you for the conrgats !!

...oh Yeah Thank you RNG........................ :kid_happy:

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