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Prism 4D help?!?


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Ironic wind strikes again. When my new full vent gets here we'll probably have a calm lasting for days...but I have my little 4D to fly. Hope you enjoy yours even half as much as I like mine. Best wishes for kind winds.

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I had some confusion about connecting the two lines that go from the T connector on the front of the kite to the red and dark blue leaders. I couldn't see where exactly the larks head knot would properly attach to the leaders. I posted this question on another forum and got this answer this morning. Turns out there are two places to connect the line, and apparently an apparently some prefer the the alternate placement over the standard placement. Here is the link to thread.


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Hey everyone! Thanks for all your help and advice!

It's been a while since I was active here, but I want to become more active again.

It took you guys' advice, practiced (and got frustrated sometimes) but I feel like I've gotten pretty good at flying this kite. I did cut my lines which ended up helping a lot more than I expected. Also, I've really been enjoying this kite. Thanks! You guys are awesome!

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