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Camera Anti-Theft Suggestions Wanted

West Australian

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Hi All,

I am looking to do some Urban Kiting in the Coming weeks, Single line and Quad.

I plan on capturing my adventures on Film, but the thought that someone walking past could walk off with my camera and tripod has me concerned.

I will have some of my concentration on my kite flying, so I wont be able to watch the camera constantly.

Normally where I fly there is no-one wandering around, so the thought of someone running of with my Camera has not been a concern.

Does anyone else have similar concerns when filming?

Does anyone have any Anti-theft suggestions?


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I have those same concerns WA. these tips have helped to ease my mind when out flying and filming alone:

If you leave yourself out of the scene, you can put the camera in front of you. Its beneficial to be recorded in a variety of angles, so don't just keep the camera behind you- any angle from the side to your front will allow you to keep an eye on your camera.

Get what is called a Gorilla Pod tripod. They can be made to lay low on the ground where people might not even notice it as a camera. Also the Gorilla Pod with the magnetic base can stick to light poles. Bring a ladder and stick your camera up high to anything metal.

Leave off the headphones. If you need the music, bring a small battery powered radio.

If the area you fly in is patrolled by security, try and find them before you start filming, and ask them to keep an eye on you for a bit. A security guard was nice enough to patrol my area for a half hour while I filmed my last vid.

Hope it helps, good luck!

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Two suggestions:

Lock it down. Most cameras have a 1/4-20 tripod mount. It would be easy to fasten the camera or the tripod and camera to something fixed or heavy (this is a time when a quick-attach plate would NOT be a good idea). A very light chain should be sufficient for this. Not secure for more than 10-15 seconds, but that might be enough with some secondary protection. This certainly wouldn't stop a determined or prepared burglar with plenty of time, but it would stop a grab-and-run thief.

Put an alarm on it. For a few bucks you can get an alarm that will hang from any projection that will go off if the alarm box is shifted. You might have to tape it to a tripod leg to prevent the wind from moving it and setting it off. The down-side is that a grab-and-run might throw your camera down if the alarm went off while he was holding it.

The combination of the two might be enough. Putting a small sign saying that the camera is alarmed might just stop an attempt in the first place. "Please do not disturb this camera. A LOUD alarm will go off if the camera is moved." (It says nothing about stealing; just that the alarm will sound if the camera is moved.)

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Two ideas. 1) hide your camera in a old clunky VHS camera with some duct tape on it. No one wants to steal that. 2) sign at the camera "Notice the .45 on my hip. I know how to use it!" Of course #2 may not be politically correct in your area. :-)

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Wow, Thanks for all the Ideas.

Although the Dog would probably be the most effective, I cant have one at home.

I do try to keep the camera under the lines when flying Quad, But its the Glider time that has me concerned.

I order to get the glider on film I will need some distance.

A camera operator would be great SparkieRob, when are you available?

I might try securing the Tripod with a padlocked Chain, just got to make sure the camera is secure on the Tripod too.

Thanks again, for all the great suggestions.

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