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The Winds won today.


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Well I had a total success so far today, and it's only 1/2 over. Rained this morning , but quickly dried out, and the winds started blowing around 8-12 ( probably more 50 feet up). Set up the SLE without a hitch, and it had the 3 wrap rods in it that I installed last night in place of the SLE rods. Launched, and up it went. Practiced hovering at different altitudes, then practiced hovering inverted close to the ground, did some forward flight back and forth across the window, many controlled landings, and no crashes. This is over about a 2 hour period. Came home to get some lunch, and then back at it. Hope the wind stays. I had a blast... :animal_rooster:

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We've flown a large inflatable off the back of a boat before... very dangerous and you can mess up a perfectly good kite. That didn't happen but, someone almost lost fingers, and they were a professional. 20 + yrs experience. Proceed with caution.

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