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Revolution B-Series Pro Set - Std, MidVent, Vented - SOLD

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Here's a set of B-Series Pro's. Made and signed by Bazzer. I currently have a full set of non-Pro's and this set is sitting unflown. I am currently recovering from a foot fracture and probable 12 weeks off work. These need to be loved and flown and not just sitting.

They were made by Bazzer and are configured as follows:

Standard - light leading edge fabric for a extra bit of light wind advantage, framed with Rev Race rods

Mid-Vent - normal dacron LE, framed with Race rods

Full Vent - normal dacron LE; framed with Strong Rev (4-wrap) rods


Pro B Set

I'd would like to sell them as a set but might consider splitting them after a few days. Pro B's list at $380 each, so they are $1,140 for the set. They need to be loved and flown, so the set's now $960, or sail only/frameless for $910, shipped CONUS, no fee PayPal only.

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What is the shipping cost to Belgium?

Kind regards, Phillippe Mal

Phillippe, please check your messages here on the Forum. See the envelope at the very top of the page. I have responded there with shipping information and payment information.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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