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Tilley Hats ?

Reef Runner

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On a more recent note, just last week, I noticed an entirely different, and unrelated problem, having to do with the sewing, on my "Tilley T3 Original". I called the customer service people, really just to ask about it, and they told me to immediately send it back to them, because that just wasn't right (so I did). :cat_shocked:

Only problem, I've become so fond of my Tilley hat, that I went out and got myself another one, because I just couldn't stand to be without, while my old one went back to the shop ! What can I say.....when you're hooked, you're hooked.....

attachicon.gifTilley Hat T3.JPG

they are just great hats !

Holy Cow ! I put my Tilley T3 in the mail last Friday, for the customer service people to check out, and today (exactly 1 week later), the postman delivered me a brand new Tilley T3, replacement hat.................Now I got two :cowboy: :cowboy: Yeeha ! One to wash & dry, and one to wear !

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Come on! You are talking about people crazy enough to spend $300-$600 on a kite. And we buy more and more kites. What's $100 for the official kite flier's hat? Lmao.

I used to think one of my many ball caps was fine, but I do love my Tilley. I'm packing it for the trip across country to KP.

Walked into a small kite shop in Mystic, Connecticut with my Tilley hat on & the owner immediately said "I see you're a kite flyer by the hat you have on."

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