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31 Glides of March

West Australian

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Day 17

Our signed pop art Plutz3 arrived today!
(thank you andy at oceanshores kites)


It's been rainy all day and everything was wet but i had to go out and try it anyway.


It flew great, i can't wait to get it in an area where it can have some room.

has anyone tried to tune their plutz similar to ceewan's indoor setting for the mega plutz?
seen at the bottom of this page:

i wanted to slow down the glide a bit,
so i used a rubber band to add some tension to the canard line.
which increased the canard angle and it did slow the glide quite well.

i realized later that the top line can be looped thru the nose slot and tension it that way.
similar to the megaplutz top line tensioning.

anyway, it probably wont matter as soon as it's flying on more than 20 feet of line.

has anyone tinkered with or otherwise needed to adjust their canard or is it generally fine?
i assume it matters a lot more on the megaplutz.

WA, that is a nice nighttime pic of your iFlite II.

Also, does anyone know anything about this....

there seems to no longer be any mention of Horvath Hybrids on the HQ site(s)

There are certainly some still for sale out there but no mention of them on the HQ usa or invento sites anymore.
In fact I think there used to be specs and other hybrid info on horvath's site as well but that seems to be gone too.

I suppose they have been discontinued and I'm just late hearing the news.
Or I'm just missing something... dunno.

Oh, one last note, I accidentally ordered an Emong this morning,
it should be here by the weekend.

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The Mega-Plutz has a nice sliding adjuster on the spine, near the nose, for loosening or tightening the canards! Plus, you can move the tow point forwards or backwards, but Cee Wan has marked the adjustment zone! I prefer a rear tow point and neutral (centered) canard adjustment! But this is all for indoor flight, as I save my gliders for indoor use and have others I use outdoors!

Depending on how you plan to use it, experiment with the different adjustments and find what you like!! Everyone has a different style, what works for me, may not for you and vise a versa!! Only you can decide which is more effective for you!!

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Great Pics dashgee, the Pop Art Plutz is a great kite. Nice Choice.

Fantastic in a medium to large area.

I have owned 2 Plutz 3, and both performed great on factory settings. But I have played with them.

Double/Triple looping around the nose is how I played with the tension there, it performs differently but not necessarily any better.

Have a play with it and see how it goes.

Wayne is right, the Mega has more of an adjustment system built in, as does the Zero-G.

I have played with the Plutz 3 settings but always returned them to stock.

Thanks for the Comment on my Pic, I have discovered that my Camera Flash Lights up the Sail nicely.

I have to try more night time stuff.

I believe that Horvath discontinued the Hybrids. However their current range includes some very sweet looking gliders.

I plan to get a Horvath this year. :)

Emong! Sweeeeeeet! Let us know all about it. I have almost accidently got one several times.

I have attached my Day 18 and 19 photos.

Day 18 was a late night flight at a local shopping centre.

There is a small garden strip between 2 rows of shops. There are 3 wooden bridges through the gardens. each about 2m long.

I stood on the middle bridge to fly my iPrey Fusion. small area but a great flight. I had a few late night shoppers stop to look and chat too. :)

Day 19 (Today) I got to work early to try out the iFlight Ui in the Factory. Very Impressed!

Lovely smooth and slow glide. I had lots of room in the factory, but I can tell the Ui will be very good in a tight space.





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Day 18

Plutz3 flying in the yard.

no adjustments necessary :-)


Ok, I had a chance to let some line out and and stretch the wings a bit.

The wind was up at lunch so I had to wait and then the little park nearby was

busy so I just flew in the backyard once i got home.


The picture above was probably the start of it's first good glide,

then I put the camera down so I could really fly.

I didn't want to stop even after it was dark.

Wayne and WA,

I tried different tensions on the top line and it is amazing how little changes have real effects.

but once i had some longer glides it was easy to see that it was trying to pull the nose up too much and

even stalled into stairstepping a little.

Just as you said WA,

the original settings were indeed what flew the best...

Once it had some room to settle into a glide, it flew slow and smooth.

In fact it flew great .. turns out Ceewan knows his stuff!!

Now to get it out to the open field and really see it glide.

maybe tomorrow.


WA..... nice fusion Ui !

mine weighs 1.6 grams i think, a little more than half a regular iFlite (2.5 - 3g)

pretty darn cool.


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Day 19

Plutz3 flying at lunchtime.

lots of fun at lunch getting to know the Plutz3.

the air was a little disturbed and the treeline stirred things a bit,

but it was finally gliding with lots of room and got up in the air more than 50 feet so that was cool.

here are the pics.... now, back to work!




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Dashgee, great to see you found some space to let the Plutz glide out.

I would like to call upon all you Kiteflyers that have a glider sitting around gathering dust.

Dust it off and get it flying.....

Then if you can post here about your glider experience, you will make the rest of us glider fans very happy.

You don't have to post pictures, Just talk about your gliding.

So for me day 20 was flying my Yellow iFlite vented in the Office at work.

The little vented is slow gliding and easily manoeuvrable, perfect for small to medium indoor spaces like this.

Day 21 I decided to try something a bit different.

iFlite Stacking. I put my 2 Vented iFlites on a short link, and set up in my Factory location.

I found that with Sail pressure they were fine. but if left to glide they would begin moving their separate ways.

It was fun, but it will take some more experimenting.



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you might try a second attachment point, instead of a single lined link between bridles. Both lines should be centered though, (emanating&ending from the spines) so it can still steer with line tension. The second bridle will not be used in the stack. This could be a fun bunch of experiments to a final solution. Please keep us informed of your progress!

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"Too much" wind for me to want to fly my dualie at my usual site next to the marina, so I went wandering into the hills and found this nice spot for gliding.

Tried my self-made workshop glider again. Quite a different experience from last time. I think the wind changes (up and down) were a little calmer and smoother than last time and made a big difference. This time, the kite was very floaty. Sometimes the wind would cause it to float sideways. Sometimes it would "glide" into the wind, but the wind was pushing back on it so it kind of just stayed in the same place with no line tension. Was able to take some pics this time while flying because the line didn't need constant tending. Even let go of the line sometimes.

post-5404-0-70828600-1395626488_thumb.jp post-5404-0-85265600-1395626530_thumb.jp

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Day 20

iFlite II #78

Relaxing flights outside after a busy day.


Day 21

iFlite Ui #8


Day 22

Fusion iFlite #1488

Flew the orange and blue Fusion iFlite while watching the NCAA basketball playoffs


Day 23

Fusion iFlite #1490 and iFlite II #78

Sitting on the couch while flying all over the room.



I had the same sort of experience when i tried to stack iFlites.

i could not quite get a bridle that would allow a slack line.

Paul's suggestion might be the solution.

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Great pictures everybody! Two years ago I had Know Eye Deer, especially anything about glider kites. Now have a couple gliders as daily companions & have seen something further that I would have never thought of, indoor gliding in a home. I think the shots of the iFlite sneaking under the ceiling fan may be the newest inspiration that pushes me even further down the path of KiteLife.

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Wow Thanks Everyone, Great Pictures and Stories.

Amexpmh - adding Hybrids to the collection, Very Nice. Wow that Hybrid 240 is BIG!

Dragonfish - Awesome shots of your Homemade Glider. Wonderful backdrop. I like looking for sheltered spots.

Dashgee - Great shots as always. Thanks. I hope you are enjoying flying everyday. Yeh I will experiment with the stacking more, if the Glide is unreachable I may need to work on a powered up routine.

Dayhiker - Always Happy to inspire. now get in there and glide.......

So to catch up on all the day I have gotten late on.

Day 22 - iFlite Ui, Indoors at Home.

Day 23 - IFlite II, At a Park

Day 24 - iFlite Vented Yellow, Flying in the Office at Lunch

Day 25 - iFlite Vented White, In the office again. But Photographed at rest.

Day 26 - (Today) iPrey at the Park. Flew till the Birds started paying too much attention to the iPrey.






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Day 25

Emong Arrives!

Hi everyone,

the emong was waiting for me when i got home yesterday.

it is impressive.

it all fits in a long thin case similar to the plutz and is easy to set up,

i flew it in the front yard which is a little smaller area than it wants,

but it flew wonderfully. it was breezy but most of the wind was blocked by the trees.

when the wind would come thru it would just rise higher while still staying level.

when it did turn it's nose upward it would climb very quickly.

it seemed very agile and would do pirouettes to the left and right while just 5 feet in the air from 30 feet away.

it felt very stable and i can't wait to get it out on a real field.

(today it is blowing hard again, so i will have to wait on that)

all in all it acted very much like it would glide forever given some room.

it flies exactly like you can see in some of the marketing videos.

oh, i almost forgot, i accidentally ordered a small wala,

hopefully it makes it here before the end of 31 glides of march. ;-)

back to work ...

happy gliding everyone,


so here's a bunch of pics...



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Nice review of the Emong, thanks dashgee.

Your glider collection has grown this month, Just don't blame it on me...

I had a wonderful Dawn fly with my 3 Wala. I went mad and stacked them first :)

with similar results to the iFlite stack. No surprises there. I will work on it later....

Then I split them up and flew them 1 at a time.




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Day 28 Already?! Wow!

This month is going so fast for me. And the glides are going great.

Still time for more Pics and stories. So if you have been hanging back... Just jump in and glide!

This morning I flew my Plutz3 in my Work Factory.

The P3 is very easy to fly indoors with only a moderate amount of space.

It is also great outdoors on a long line.



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Flew the iFlight today at CaptainBob's field in between the light wind spells. Should have brought the rest of the gliders.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Well you hooked me.. Just ordered an iFlite vented. Rain, today and tomorrow, convinced me that it would be nice to have something to fly indoors while waiting for the weather to clear.

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Day 26

Learning the ways of the Emong

Ok, I am a tad behind so it is time I caught up.

Starting with day 26 which I spent the last minutes of the day in the front yard with the Emong.

First I propped my phone up on the ground and started a video but i only captured a few minutes of me warming up and never had a good glide until later. But at least you can see how well it moves through the air.

It was lots of fun after I warmed up a bit and I flew til it got dark.

So, it's not much but here's the video for what it's worth.


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Day 29 for me got the Hybrid 200 in the air for the first time. Ian "forced" me to complete the set and just like the 130 and 240 the 200 took off on a beautiful glide from the first launch in the air. What great gliders. Thanks to The Kite Shoppe for such fast response to the order. I placed the order late Wednesday night and my kite delivered on Saturday. USPS tube and the kite arrived without incident. Only problem is they are calling for 20+ mph tomorrow. No gliding outdoors.


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