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Desert Island


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Ok, here's the scenario.

You've been shipwrecked on a remote desert island! Luckily for you, there's a constant 10mph wind all the time! There's a well stocked beverage cooler too that washed up on shore. Here's the dilemma... You could only save one kite!

So, if you had to have only ONE quad kite and ONE line set, what would you choose?


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Agree with Penny for the most part. I'd go with the 1.5SLE and 100' line with standard handles. But with a well-stocked cooler, I might forego the "build a raft, use the kite as a sail" scenario and just enjoy the cooler and keep the 10 mph winds to myself. After the cooler ran out I might re-think the raft idea. :devil:


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Oh right, suppose I should answer my own question too eh?

A Vented Supersonic on 10 foot lines.

A Backtracker with 200 foot kevlar lines.


To be honest, I had not even considered the idea of escaping the island, but, in my mind it was bottomless well stocked cooler :wacko:

If escape was the plan, I'm with John, a Super Blast, some short, strong lines and wind in the right direction.

If I was intending to stay and fly for a while, a Rev 1, 80 foot lines.

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