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The AKA favorite field listed the Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur Campus on their listing of Georgia Kite flying sites. It is located at 3251 Panthersville Rd, Decatur, GA , and is right off I-285. I decided to check this field out this weekend, to see if it was still a viable option.

Nice big open manicured lawn in front of the main administration building. You can't miss it. Good wind if there is any around. Very appropriate for the weekend and you can drive right up to the field. But watch out during weekdays as the campus police might give you a parking ticket if you park in reserved spaces, even after hours. That being said, there is plenty of available parking. I met a kite flyer that has been flying at this field for years, and he told me that for the most part, the field is empty. He flies there both during the week on and on the weekends with no problems. He thinks it is the best field anywhere around Atlanta. He flies single line kites with up to 1,000 foot lines, so there is plenty of room. The field is very long, wide, and no trees to speak of, and the entire area is pretty flat which is unusual for Atlanta.

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Sure would!


Heck, I'll probably end up adding a few of my own too. :)

Now Kitemap will be full of parking lots and little, swirly wind postage stamp fields that only JB can fly in.  ;)

Fly too you can.

Often fly you must.

Opportunities everywhere will you see.

Feel the force will you.

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