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Stacking Indoor Gliders

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Hi All,

I am interested in Stacking some Indoor Gliders.

Particularly the iFlite Vented.

I had a quick attempt this morning and found they required constant pressure to keep in line.

As soon as I Let them glide out, the front one would tip and get pulled on its side, or flip over.

I had a connection from the Back Kites tow point through the front kites vent, and onto the front tow connection point.

I would like to hear from other glider stackers, what they have tried and learnt.

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WA - I had just about the same issues with my stack of an iFlite II and a std iFlite!! I found when gliding out, the top kite was getting below the bottom kite and causing the bottom kite to flip over! Stacked in just about the same places too! As long as I kept them under power, everything was fine!! Landing was a disaster !!

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try two attachment points from the spine (towards the back kite) so the second bridle does not come into play at all. Then the steering is done with the front kite and the back just follows along without a choice.

Precise adjustments will be necessary on the lengths of these two lines, since the wings aren't that large overall.

How much "bite or flutter" on the 2nd wing is appropriate?

(it angles away? or towards the first kite?) I'd start with "parallel" and experiment from there

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Thanks for your comments Paul

The sail skin is glued to the spine along most of its length. There are the two points the bridle attaches on. It might be possible to thread through there.

Another option could be attaching where the spreader meets the wing LE. There is space there.

I will experiment again next week

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I think using the spreader/LE connection points, might put too much stress on that fine diameter rod!! I'd be really careful with it, even using such small gliders!! IMHO!!

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Here's a lot of "I'm not sure's"..

I've seen a clip of a lady (mature) flying a 3 or 4 stack of indoor single liners. Think they were iFlites... They were square-ish sails.

It was at a club fly or comp meet. Definitely in the US.

Was very cool to watch.

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