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So i have a lot of dual line and most all have a little different bridle. i dont know the names and what they all mean. turbo bridle, reverse turbo bridle, whats the difference.

i have a bead bridle system on my silver fox and its a knock of nirvana. the guy i was flying with yesterday made the same bridle that is on his nirvana and put it on his silver fox. the sea devil is the exact same as the nirvana as well what bridle does it have.

is there any benefit to a fancy bridle over a basic 3 point bridle for an older kite that wont see any slack in its lines?


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One Kite Flyers Opinion

I prefer the 3 point over the reverse turbo. But, that may just be because that is what I am used to. What is the difference? If you look at them closely, the pig tail (the point where your lines attach) on the 3 point goes straight to the spine. On the reverse turbo it goes straight to the leading edge. So when the lines are slack and you hit the kite, on the 3 point you are hitting the spine, and on the reverse turbo you are hitting the leading edge. That may make the Taz easier on the reverse turbo.


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Ohh man there are now way to many bridles! Non of the ones on Andy's site were a turbo or reverse turbo bridle. So there seems to be about 10 basic common bridles and they are all a matter of feel to the person and to the kite. So that said I should try all ten on each kite I own to know what I like.

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so when i fly my silver fox UL 2.3 on the blue beads i cant pop an axle. but on the red beads i can. on this kite its either a 3 point bridle or a turbo bridle depending on what color bead you pick but it doesnt say which is which. it would be nice to know which one i like better and maybe why. but why is less important.

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