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Best Kite for Tails (non SLK)?

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Hi all,

Lots of talk about tails recently... I'm thinking about buying a kite just to pull crazy tails through the sky! Can you recommend a good setup for me?

What would work best:

A dual line foil? Dual line delta?

Quad foil? Rev?

The only kicker- please don't recommend me an SLK, I want a dual or quad line.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Put some tails on your Revs ! It takes less than 2 minutes, and puts on a whole new facet to quad line flying. I don't fly tails with 2 line kites too much, but it's kinda fun, too. You just can't do any tricks with a tail...


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Already flying tails on my Rev, started at Kite Party! Connecting them to the bungies on the bottom side of the verticals, or through the caps. Also hooking tails to the center loop bridle connection point, on the back side of the sail... Nice thing about tails on the Rev, is all tricks are still available. The tail wraps up in the bridle during an axel, but usually un-wraps nicely with some counter spins.

Do you think the Rev can tow around big sky-writer tails? Long tubes? I mean the really crazy stuff? 4 years flying kites, and I only ever put tails on my Snapshot, until recently.

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Shockwave has six connection points....


Get some green and yellow tails, 6 at a minimum 12 going a little hee haw, and train your pros...

Stacks and tails really pull the crowds. Don't do it near a road as you'll stop traffic! I know!!

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