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Castles and Kites California May 3rd

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e7nk3q.jpgThis will be my first kite festival. Maybe I will meet some of you guys there.

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Not sure how I missed this post a month ago. Hope that you're first kite festival was a blast. It was quite windy at Bodega Bay that Saturday and we had to keep a lot of our larger kites "in the bag". However, the strong winds didn't keep our vented Rev's from flying high.

FYI, not sure if you were visiting the Bay Area or live here....nonetheless, don't forget about the Berkeley Kite Festival scheduled for the last weekend in July. It's a great festival and much larger than the Bodega Bay event. It's always a great time for all!!!

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    • By Exult
      This 20th Nordic Kite Meeting in Blokhus Denmark was my first.
      There were four full days of kiting in a kiting environment not leaving the beach during day time, yet the time was too short - given the favorable circumstances of the meeting there were so much more to test, do and learn. For other flavors of kiting than DLKing and QLKing there was the Blokhus-Lökken wind festival going on around us.
      Being surrounded by helpful and knowledgeable kite people all times of the day (and evenings as well) you just can't help picking up knowledge. If you wanted a kite discussion someone at hand most likely had good insight in the matter. I hope that I didn't kite talk you to death, but due to a lack of local DLK/QLK pilots where I live, I had so many years of kite talking bottled up. The time I, hrm..., had a sudden need for a LE-repair, tools and spares offers "just appeared".
      When returning home late in the evening my still awake oldest daughter asked about the trip and after a while asked the question "How fun was it?". The best answer I could give was that it was like being a child again and going to a perfect top notch wild camp or a language course in a foreign country.
      Many BIG thanks for this greatest kite opportunity that I have had so far! I already look forward to a future event where one could continue to do even more of OPK testing, team flying, actually seeing kites that you just have read about before, technique refinement and even more actively sharing/learning tricks/techniques.
    • By AERIALIS Kites
      Hi all!
      The report from the Nordic Kite Meeting 2018 is now available on AERIALIS Kites.
      Just follow this link...

    • By 122333
      What: 11th annual Atlantic Coast Kite Festival
      When: May 2, 2015 from 10am - 4pm
      Where: Virginia Beach, VA (between 16th and 18th street on the beach)
      Hope to see some of you there!

    • By Paavan Solanki
      Akash Solanki - Team Member of Royal Kite Flyers Club India at Goa Pune Kite Festival 2015 with Stunt Kite Flying Performance
    • By Paavan Solanki
      Kite Festival Goa 2015 - Royal Kite Flyers Club - Paavan Solanki
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