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Hello kite friends,
I can't remember few days past I saw a dual-lines kite which can be flew as single line too. I guess it was a "Premier Kites" brand, but I'm not sure.
Could you tell me what is this kite and a link to find it please ?
Over this, what are the kites with this same ability, say what are the kites able to be single line as well as dual or even quad lines ?

Thank you veru much for your help,
Signed the poor "flying in the clouds" Guy ;)

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Thanks Dragonfish,

I did not know this one.

Say, it has spars, but the one I saw was a foil kite without any spar...

Very interesting this one,

I'm also interested in any kind of single&multi lines kite models, with or without spars, inflatables, etc.

I continue my searching :ani_whistling:

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I think you may be looking at the HQ Multi kite which can be flown as a single or dual line. It costs around 35 Euros.


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