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Looking for a BIG SLK that wont break the bank

Larry OKC

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Im looking for a big park and forget about kite something that I can put up while im flying my rev & will let people know we are out flying and is eye catching. If you have something that you can part with let me know or links in the right direction would be great ad well

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Well, no kite flies perfect, but you should have pretty good luck with the DCs or double DC from Into the Wind. I find them to be the most stable and forgiving fliers. The Ghost Deltas are also pretty good...

You will also need a dog stake anchor if you're flying on grass, or a sand anchor for the beach. Get line that is heavier than you think you'll need, it can't hurt...

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Sorry Larry, I don't have anything to part with.

Must86 is spot on with the Delta Conyne/Doubles being stable. Ghost deltas are nice and long too.

A Tail added to a Big kite makes it more Eye catching.

I like a Mid sized sled with a nice big tail.

I got a mid sized Sled new for under $150

I made a tail for my Sled with a big piece of cheap fabric.

I got 15m for $30, I sewed a binding on both ends and put a cheep carbon rod along the top.

Whole thing cost less than $40 to make. Boy does it stand out though.

Later I Made a 10m and 6m tail too.

I fly the Tails off the kite and off the line (line Laundry)



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Great idea!

I have been thinking of doing the same thing. Here is a link to the one I would like to get. http://intothewind.com/shop/Traditional_Kites/Delta_Conyne_Kites/Mayan_Double_Delta_Conyne_Kite They are out of stock right now.

I have a 65' tube tail to add and thinking of getting two 48' Trans tails all will be rainbow color.

My question is... With 300# line how much more "laundry" could I add to the line?


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That Double Conyne or the 36 Sled would be great for set and forget display.

If you want to carry a lot of colour laundry go for flat tails over tubes. Tubes have a much greater drag and don't move about as much.

Pickensw, as to how much it can lift, that will depend on the wind. sorry but there is no set answer. For my Main lifter I have a selection of things. Then I can go with the flow.

Hyzakite, be careful of the 81 Sled, when they are that size they can be dangerous is moderate winds.

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A chain of kites is not very stable, as the video shows.

If you keep the distance between link lines greater than the link line itself, you will greatly reduce tangles.

Also lots of swivels should be used.

Of course there is still the problem that a few kites will pull the whole thing sideways and cause a crash.

Linking kites off of a sky anchors line is more stable.

A stack is always an option.

This is a stack that I joined together:


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I won't fly my 81 sled on less than a 1100-lb line. That gives you an idea of its pull. It's not the kite that's dangerous; it's the loose anchor or broken line dragging through the crowd that will hurt people.

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