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Peter Powell Triple Sky Stunter (7/1/14)

John Barresi

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This stack needs to go to someone who lives at the beach and will be able to fly them often. (Wind permitting.)

And that is ……………. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Com'on RNG! Do the right thing!

Heh! Heh! Heh!!

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July 1st is the perfect day, a retirement gift for a solo hill billie kite flailer. SHBKF Yes, just send em on.

Gollieeee, what can I say! I have actually retired & this is a fabulous prize to cap the event. These kites will be flown & cherished for a long time. They are the same type of kites that first made me say "Wow, look at those kites!", so many years ago. Right after I saw that stack of five TRLBY kites, flying at night piloted by one of the Kligman brothers, I bought my first serious kite. Flying stacked kites is always a thrill for me. Thanks to all in KiteLife. I am truly surprised to win & these are probably the most meaningful ones possible for me. SHBKF

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If you can fly them separately I would count these as three. I have purchased one ready made stack of kites & the other stacks I have are assembled from individually acquired kites. The factory stack included the bridles for all the individual kites in case you wanted to separate them.

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