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Lam let me fly his ABS Standard today and I really like it! In the low wind we had, it certainly launched much more easily than my B Series Pro STD I had just been struggling to keep up. The ABS takes some getting used to, but just a couple of minutes and once you have the hang of it, it's great to fly. I had a bit of a hard time holding my inverted hover, but I'm used to flying with lots of brake, and Lam's kite was not set up like that. There were also a set of new handles attached to the kite which Lam just designed & made, so that may have affected my hover. They are quite different than typical Rev handles, quite comfortable, very lightweight, AND they have a built-in winder!!!

In addition to the nice way the ABS flies, it has some other great features, such as no knotted bungees sticking out at the top & bottom of your verticals, or at either end of the leading edge. I love this feature because I'm often having to free my lines from getting caught in these "sloppy knotted sticking out everywhere in my damn way" bungees on my Rev.

Hope this helps!

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Yep - I did - on short lines, if I remember correctly! Probably the same material as the Pro Dancer too!

You know I don’t know exactly what material it is but I’m pretty sure it’s thicker than the PDSUL. I know with my duel line Kites the Lam Hoac SUL ATM is rated down to 3 mph where as my Sky Burner Solus UL is rated down to 2 mph. It’s seems like the material on the ATM Kites is thicker than the Solus Kites. Both are definitely quality Kites.

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