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Gliding into Summer... June !


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I've been doing a lot more gliding since I found my larger gliders... thought I'd start a June thread to see who's gliding in the summer heat...

Starting off... this is my Guildworks Tetrafoil S, backyard gliding with one of the tails attached. It was a little windy and the kite behaves better with a tail. It can still glide & be controlled, but with a steady wind, it will fly like a regular SLK.








Smooth Winds !

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Thanks ! Yeah, not much room with the kid stuff & the garden, but at least I don't get hung up in the tree branches anymore... had a massive cutting a few weeks ago. The big building in the backround is a gymnasium that is available to village residents... just never took the time to sign it out to fly truly indoors. I'll have to try that someday...

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With all the trees around here I'm lucky to find an outdoor site. But gliders have taught me to fly most anywhere. Now I fly two line all the small places too. Quads need a bit more room at my level of skill, but I'm getting there. Drove around with about fifteen kites in the old Yukon yesterday and a decent wind forecast for the area I was located. You can guess what happened.... yeah just little teasing puffs of wind. Of course I did not have a glider with me.

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I finally got an iPrey on Sunday! They finally arrived at my LKS.

post-5404-0-08252200-1403155451_thumb.jp post-5404-0-17258500-1403155502_thumb.jp

In-flight pictures are so hard to get. I had the camera on the floor pointing up and set to take a pic 10s after I pressed the button. Unfortunately, with burst mode there was no flash :( so that didn't work. Took many tries at one picture at a time.


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Thanks! I don't know how it flies compared to the iFlite because I don't have one of those. Definitely agree with the visual appeal. I saw some pics of the iPrey and knew I wanted one. Didn't have that reaction with the iFlite when I first saw them.

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