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Karma - Para-cord Stake Holder and more (7/4/14)


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Two things I've seen in Karma posts, one is items that are made by the giver which I like. It seems more personal. The other is a good number of kite stakes have been given away. My "prize" is a kite stake holder. It's made from para cord in the same fashion as survival bracelets. A double cobra weave with a handy carabiner clip. Clip it on a belt loop and your stake is at your side ready when you are.

Water, sand, dirt nothing will do any harm to the holder and in case of emergency you have two nice lengths of para cord for survival use. Early on Dave Shenkman told me not to waste $15 on a fancy stake when a cheap screwdriver from Harbor Freight will do the same thing. Besides, you will end up leaving it somewhere anyway he said. I spent $0.87 at Lowes and two minutes with a drill and made the golf ball stake in the holder. The redeeming value of my stake is that it's no big deal if you forget it and leave it somewhere.

Everyone needs an extra stake. For those of you lucky enough to win one of the really nice stakes in earlier drawings, I hope my holder gives you a convenient place to keep your stake at the ready while flying. Putting it in your back pocket pointed at your kidney is not a good idea.

Final addition to give some value to my offering is a set of factory 13" REV handles. Ready for a Barton no snag modification or a different leader setup. What will you do with an extra set of REV handles.

- This drawing will be done using the RNG method with entry number determined by order of entry.

(note: the stake IS included) corrected to show stake is included

Standard Karma Note:

This is a Karma Drawing. The winner of the drawing is expected to pay it forward by offering their own prize for the next drawing. Please do not enter unless you are willing to offer your own prize, preferably not the prize you just won. Drawings should be open for entry approximately 2 weeks, and the next drawing should be posted as soon as possible to keep the Karma rolling.
These drawings are run by and for KiteLife members. The moderating team only ensures that your drawing post contains all of the pertinent information (drawing date/time, adequate prize description, drawing rules) before approval. If you are a KiteLife member, and you reside in the lower 48 states of the US, you are eligible to enter. You do not have to be a paid subscriber.

Here is the link to the original Rules and Guidelines thread:

The mechanism for the drawing itself is entirely at the discretion of the person offering the prize. In the past, entry number has been determined either by order of entry or by the post number in which the member declares Im in to the drawing. The drawings have been performed using the RNG method (
http://www.random.org/sequences/) or by choosing the numbers out of a hat (I believe an adorable daughter did the picking in that scenario). The only requirement is that the method of selection is clearly spelled out in the drawing post.

Entry into the drawings is done by STARTING a post in the drawing thread with Im in. In order to remove any confusion or misinterpretation, only entries with posts that START with Im in will be considered. As with all other KiteLife drawings, bantering is encouraged. This is for fun after all.

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I'm in.

Good point Marshall. (pun) I made sure to take the pointy thing out of my pocket yesterday when flying the big foil in high winds. I have worked for manufacturers and seen things that "will never happen."

I need another pair of handles since one of my sons wants to start flying the Rev.

Marshall do you have plans for weaving the holder? I have a 300 foot roll of 550 paracord. I'm could use some to make a couple of these myself.

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I have 7 at this point. Still some time before the drawing. We are just hanging out waiting for the hurricane to blow over. Should be clear skies and good wind tomorrow afternoon. I just hope no real damage anywhere.

1. Must86

2. Tmadz

3. Bbailey49

4. Elmo264

5. Dragonfish

6. Nick Russell

7. LarryOKC


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Minor leaf and branch cleanup but no real storm damage here. Flew the Bulldog II with a 75' tube tale then what else but the American Flag Rev. Got lots of comments today. Oh yeah the drawing.

Congratulations to LarryOKC. Send me pm with your address and I'll get it on its way. RNG results for the 7 entrants were:

7, 6, 3, 5, 2, 4, 1

Thanks for participating.


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