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Jorge Arellano

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Hi, I can t believe I haven´t read anything here about this.

Just to remind you all that we are very lucky to have our health, family and house.

Donate now to any of the charities helping in the Gulf Coast, for an easier way go to amazon.com and donate on the link to the American Red Cross.

Let´s help now, save for the cigarretes, beer, sodas or kiteline we would be buying this month and send this money to them.

Thank you for your attention.


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Hi Dorsal, this is the only forum Im a member of. I spent most of my time out of the web. I think it was important for me to point this out, many people is in need.

Im not even from USA, Im Mexican and live in Mexico, but I consider this a thing not to forget.

Hi Jones, We import products from USA and some of our suplliers are asking for a voluntarious donation to the red cross which can be redeemed as a discount on the next purchase. Maybe this could work.

Have a good day


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