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Pyro XS Lower Spreader


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I purchased the pyro xs, and the first time out the lower spreader broke at the T section. I purchase another spreader, took it out again, and it snapped again in mid air. The wind wasn't that bad I had a cheaper stunt kite out with no problems, on both occasions. Does anyone have any suggestions with this problem?



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Well, seeing as it's happened twice in a row... And assuming the conditions were not extreme, get in touch with the manufacturer (New Tech Kites).


They tend to be very good with their customers, and should be able to address the problem to your satisfaction. :devil:

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I did get in touch with info@newtechkites.com and couldn't ask for faster, friendlier, or better customer service.

The first time the spreader broke on my Pyro was while doing a corkscrew spin followed with a quick snap stall. My favorite kite shop cheerfully replaced the carbon tube and got me into the air again. The second time the same spreader broke at the same place was my fault, after a nasty nosedive into terra firma.

Called New Tech and customer service said they're replacing the original tube with plugged tubing, which should strengthen the spar where it goes into the center T and breaks so often. I'll be getting a replacement spreader from my favorite kite shop real soon. Hope it goes as well for you, Parks992. Kitepilot

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