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Bluff's Breeze Kite Fest / western Nebraska.

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Mywindstuff and Scottsbluff County Tourism ,Is hosting the 2nd Annual (Bluffs Breeze Kite Festival) in Gering Nebraska at the Five Rocks Amphitheater. Last year , 2013 was our first year and provided loads of fun for approximately 1500 flyers and spectators. Around 12 pm we will have a guest speaker talking about kiting history and some of the kites of today .This year the event will be on Aug.30th and Sept.1st. Closed on Aug. 31st. Feel free to bring your own kites or purchase them from our onsite vendor. Noahs BBQ will be cooking up our famous Bluff's Breeze Brats and Burgers while Tammy from the Snowy Bus will be selling that secret Bluffs Breeze Freeze Snocone! Scottsbluff National Monument helps to produce a wide range of winds. Bring your kites , gazebos, sunscreen and lawn chairs and help us celebrate this labor day weekend. This event is FREE to park and free to participate in .10am until dark both days. 785-483-1309 - Curt


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Wow, sounds like a great time... wish it was a little closer by !

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This is only our second festival here near the scottsbluff national monument , if anything like last year we should have an amazing crowd.

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What a great event! Saturday started off with huge attendance but not enough wind to blow out a match until around 1 o'clock a lot of the crowd came back after the Nebraska football game. Monday, was phenominal huge attendance all day. Families coming and going. We held a dual line and quad line clinic for free and the interest was also awesome. We put so many dual line and a few quad line kites into the hands of so many newbies , young and old. It was a blessed day. Thanks to all who was able to make it.

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