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I decided a couple of weeks ago to try shooting some HD videos using the camera on my smartphone, since it is capable of shooting HD 1080p definition with an 8 mpixel camera. Some phones have much more than that now, since my is a Nexus 4 which is almost 2 years old in it's design. In order to do this, I purchased an inexpensive tripod that would hold the phone, from Amazon for about $17, and a camera clamp mount to hold the phone for another $14 or so. I experimented with this rig this week, and brought it to the field this morning.

The major problem I had was trying to see the screen in the very bright sunlight on the field, even with the brightness set on max. I may bring a towel or something next time, to drape over the phone while I set it in place to capture the area where I intended to fly. This morning, all I could do was to try and have the bottom of the view, on the ground, and get as high as I could by angling the phone up with the tripod. It took me a minute or two, to guestimate where it should be aimed. I started the camera and took a couple of videos. The hardest thing was trying to figure out where I could fly and not fly out of the range of the camera, but I think I was pretty lucky in figuring this out, because I managed to keep the kite inside the camera view for almost all of the flight. I was concentrating more on positioning the kite more than flying it, so my flying was kind of sedate, but what I was trying to accomplish as fare as staying in view worked pretty well.

This video is of my Rev SLE with magic sticks, and the second is the Freestylist UL. The wind was around 3-5 mph on the ground at the time I made these videos.

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That was some great flying in low wind with both the REV and the UL I really like the video on the REV B midvit what wind speed did have you have.

With the Mid vent, on the ground the wind was around 6 mph. at altitude around 12-14 mph. This is pretty typical in Atlanta. Today I flew for about 2 hours, in another field, and ground was around 4-6 and probably around 14+ at 30+ feet, judging by the way the dualie I was flying, was reacting. Winds have been fantastic for days, which is unusual for me, but it looks like tomorrow, it goes back to the normal low winds, where the Niknak and Freestylist UL will get all the flying time.

Btw, on the Facebook Revolution Video page, I posted the B series Midvent video, and I got a "like" from JB... :ani_victory: .. That made my day.....

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Thanks for the info I just got my Rev B midvit and haveing trouble finding the right wind to fly I'll tri flying in that wind speed.

I had very briefly thought about getting a full vent Rev, when I bought my mid vent, and am very glad I didn't. I think in the last 5 months, I might have been able to fly a full vent, maybe once, if that much, due to the winds in my area.

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