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Several SLK's (single line kites) [SOLD]

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I have several SLK's for sale.

Ultrafoil 15 (SOLD) - Rocky Mountain Delta Conyne (SOLD) - Vertical Visuals Malay (SOLD)

I'm clearing out the old SLK (single line kite) bag, of a few items that I don't seem to ever get around to using or flying. The Ultrafoil 15, and the Rocky Mountain Delta Conyne, has been flown only once, less than 15 minutes each. The Malay diamond, has never been flown, although I did put it together, just to take a look (BTW, it looks great). I also have a brand new, Gomberg large sand anchor, with Carabiner, to go along with the Ultrafoil15.

All items come from ITW (Into the Wind), and can be looked up online, should you be interested, so I won't bore you with all the details and technical descriptions here. Total cost was $295. I will take $225 for everything, plus whatever it cost to ship to your location. I will ship all items just as inexpensively as I can, via USPS Priority Mail, or just as fast as you want to pay for.

Thanks for looking............

post-4670-0-06133200-1408286687_thumb.jp post-4670-0-35002800-1408286719_thumb.jp post-4670-0-37216000-1408286737_thumb.jp

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