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I flew with three folks on Sat. We were just having some fun and testing Reved's wiring harness, I have never called before and have only flown with a team 3 times.

The other folks are at varying skill levels and had never flown team. We were feeling a bit restricted on what we thought we could do. Our average time on line is probably a year or less. We had a lot of fun and stepped way out of our self imposed comfort zone. ..We had a ball with a burst etc.

When we were down and I was trying to figure our next move. I paused and looked left. Sandy, John and Karen were all poised in launch position, intensely focused and all with huge smiles pasted on their faces.

I just had take a breath and enjoy that image for a few seconds...that was so cool. I don't know if they noticed the extended pause. I have already enjoyed that memory a dozen times already since Sat.

Reved's wiring harness helped us achieve a beautiful day of flying.

A few crashes and few crossed lines and as J&K say...Big Fun!!

We met at a JB clinic and have hooked up a couple of times since then.

Karen stated "JB would be proud"

I think she would be right. If you have a chance to catch a JB clinic don't miss it.

We can't wait till he gets back to the NW.


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We do not have the mic but share your experience with JB teaching us to team fly. Big smiles all around. We had a blast and can't wait to get together and work on our moves.

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I had that exact same "feeling" once. It was really my second time on a line i think. i looked down through with a buffet of names....Berg,Comras,LaMasters,Dugard,Cory........gave me chills. Since then, i always take a moment to stop and admire the line and do exactly as you stated...look at the faces of each individual,their posture and stance....take mental copies ;)

AWESOME moments indeed :)

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As a solo flier in the mountains of Virginia I look forward to perhaps a future memory. But for now....

"There's a high flyin' bird, way up in the sky. And I wonder does she look down here as she flies on by. Riding in the air so easy in the sky..i..i.

Look at me here, I'm rooted like a tree here. I got the sit down, can't cry, can't fly, gonna die blues."

1968 H. P. Lovecraft II - High Flying Bird


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