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Casual Clinic - Cleveland OH (Sep 14th, 2014)

John Barresi

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10a-4pm at Edgewater Park

No official format or organization, just show up and enjoy, ask questions, get a bit of coaching and have fun - **donations are welcome to help us with travel expenses**, but only if you feel like you leave with something of value to you! ;)

An informal gathering for fun and shared learning, we'll be having fun, expanding our skills on both dual and quad line kites.

The primary focus of this gathering is good times and good flying - be sure to read more about Edgewater State Park.


You can also call me directly via 503-890-0290 on the event day to find out where we may be flying if plans have changed for any reason.

Private lessons may also be available for Friday or Saturday (message me).

6700 Memorial Shoreway, off Ohio 2, in the Lakefront Reservation, Cleveland.

More Info - https://www.facebook.com/events/298222620364760/

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If the weather looks good, I'll be there, even though I'll have to leave home at 6 a.m. on a Sunday!

It would be WELL worth getting up early for a JB clinic..............and I am NOT a morning person by any means!!!

Karen & I are both looking forward to John returning to the NW this Fall for some 'mo Rev lessons.

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