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I took a little time after work this week to get out and do a little flying... it's not going to be long that it is dark at 4:30 and this will be impossible. I used a park bench as an anchor, so getting the Power Sled 24 up & flying took no time. The Rev MidVent was the kite of choice on this day, an offshore, choppy wind dictated that...

G0031922.jpgThis beach & parking lot is absolutely packed with cars in the summer... it's amazing to me, as it is much more pleasant to be there when it's not so hot !

G0031923.jpgThe water has been very clear this year, the water gets deep very quickly on the North Shore of Long Island... the visibility is probably 20' or more. (that's good for around here...)


Caught the MV's colors in this shot, I really like the red/black kites !

G0042003.jpgI use the SLK to practice flying close to another kite, in case I get to fly side-by-side with someone else.

G0042007.jpgAnother shot of the 'clear' water...

G0042023.jpgMore hover practice !

Hope Fall's been treating everyone else to some good winds !

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Thanks, Bill !

I thought the new KAP rig was pretty stable, so I tried to use it for some video. No, not as stable as I thought, and you can hear the lines binding. Oh, well, I thought it would be neat.


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