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A local spot with a large dock. Sort of at a turning point in the river for large ships. Don't get to kap here often due to confined launch area unless wind is right or blowing real good. Large parking lot to launch from...but surrounded by trees and sometimes pretty difficult to get up without launching from the dock.Once up....free to roam wherever you want.

This used to be all river beach years ago and undeveloped for about 2 miles from rivers edge.. Excellent spot to throw the cast net when shrimp were running. Now it is developed completely around except for this park...

St. Johns River

Jacksonville, Florida

Reddie Pointpost-7551-0-41509600-1413872550_thumb.jppost-7551-0-46021800-1413872577_thumb.jppost-7551-0-30516600-1413872600_thumb.jppost-7551-0-98775800-1413872634_thumb.jppost-7551-0-86503400-1413872666_thumb.jppost-7551-0-96088800-1413872723_thumb.jp

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Cool, a couple I hadn't seen yet... I'm surprised how much line you have between the kite & camera in that one shot. Is that in an effort to keep the camera more stable ?

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Yes Rob. I like slack line or a good angle between pilot, camera and kite...or sort of "underpowerd" situation. Creates a more controllable scenario for me. Ability to power up or depower the kite and raise or lower the camera without constantly letting line in or out. But I walk constantly. Never in one spot for more than 1 rotation of the rig.

This scenario was light wind. Just had to get that high to get enough lift for the rig...or clean enough wind.

I have heard stories of over 500' going out...before the rig goes on :P

Becoming a big fan of long line flying..and unique setups..to get the shot when others can't :)

It seems with the right effort..you CAN fly just about any time. (Light to no wind). Sometimes it takes me over an hour to achieve stable flight..before mounting the rig.

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