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The B2 stack chat got me craving another multiples creation. So as stated...a Progressive was thrown together.

B2 (2 wrap) B (3 wrap) Rev 1 (4 wrap) at around a 4' spread.

I test flew on some 50#x50' Shanti Skybond in a light breeze and all felt good...

The next day brought on some highly variable wind..up a down..all around.. but it gave me the chance to get some long lines out and let the 3some breathe.

I flew 90#lpg x80' for a few. The gust were pretty strong and I have broken 90# several times with stacks. So I switched..200#lpgx100'.

Here are the results... Of course the wind dies when you hit record. .. 7 minutes of raw..no editing...just a debut run.

Things went well. Rev 1 needs some new shock cord to bring reactions up some...but all in all...great first roll.

Progressive Fun:

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Stacks are a blast. With equal initial setup, you can achieve pretty good flight out of the box. Time, patience, and tuning can bring something special.

It is a totally different experience than flying 1.

No matter the size...even the small ones will get your blood pumping. :)

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