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First video from our 5 month trip...

John Barresi

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The kite seems alive, an entity all it's own. Just getting to the point with Revs where I can do playful things as I fly. After pasting the beach trash can a few times, then dipping in & out of the top, a lady walked by & said, "Are you starting to figure it out?" She has "Know Eye Deer" of what the little kite can really do. Actually me & that trash can go back a long way. My wife did a screaming full speed lawn dart into it many years ago. After we put the kite back together she said "Want to see me do that again?" We're still laughing about that great day. A life with kites, love em. Thanks for the inspiration. Waiting for more. SHBKF

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That kite looked so relaxed laying on the net.

Mostly because the flier is!! I like to think the kite mimics the flier's emotions as it does it's thing!

I watched some of my old indoor videos and I can see myself nervous and unsure. But I fought through that phase to be much better at it now! Even in indoor - there's nothing to replace - Time On The Lines!! :ani_giveup::ani_idea:

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Ah, roadside flyin', one of my favorite things. I now find myself flying thirty foot lines more and more. The kite is up close, the window is small and so unforgiving. But it fits my style somehow and is teaching me much. I would have never considered short lines without seeing what others do with them. Flew a eight foot dualie on five meter lines yesterday, what a rush!

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