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Kap'n the Whitestone Bridge...

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I have been eyeballing this spot for a KAP adventure for a while. Most of the time when I'm passing by here, I don't have time to stop, or when I have stopped, there's no wind or too much. So, yeah, it was a little cold and sorta overcast, but the wind was at least within range.


I hoped to catch more interesting shots from this spot, but the GoPro's lens leaves something to be desired in low light...


The Whitestone Bridge with the Throgs Neck Bridge in the background...


The Whitestone Bridge looking towards Whitestone, Queens. This park is on the Bronx side of the bridge...


If you've even flown into LaGuardia airport, this is the view you would see out the left side of the airplane. Just a little higher up... The airport is on the far right side of the picture.


Yeah, that's Manhattan, unfortunately, the GoPro just wasn't up to the task of taking a clear picture, this was the best one.

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Thanks, Nick, but I think this spot may be a one time only kinda thing. This was a double-jeopardy KAP, I could be arrested for taking pictures of the bridge (yes, that's illegal here in NY) and I'm afraid that I was too close to the airport, too. While I had the kite up (not very high or for very long) I kept looking for the red flashing lights & the NYPD swat team ! Yes, seriously...

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I never would have thought of KAPers walking the razors edge.

Happens more often then you would imagine. My style of KAP...which I have learned from a good friend Peter Boyton ...is mobile. I do not , as well as he, ever stay in one spot too long.

The kite goes up. Test winds a bit. Mount camera...and we are off. Not uncommon to cover large areas (sometimes miles). That leaves out following the guided path. There are times you have no choice but to create your own. That creates some unique situations....some of which I do not recommend (lessons learned). As well as some unique photos ;)

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