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Rumble in Paradise (Hawaii Clinics)

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Okay, this has been a really long time coming - I'm proud to announce that the following clinics are confirmed for Sandy Beach Park (technically flying at Wawamalu Park) on Oahu, Hawaii.

Feb 28-Mar 1: Quad Line Clinic
Mar 7-Mar 8: Dual Line Clinic

(click for directions)

Given the location, it's likely that this will be an intimate little group with lots of attention for participants - TONS of learning and fun, could be good excuse if anyone is looking to take an island vacation in March. :)

I'm also super stoked because joining me at the event will be Scott Aughenbaugh (former member of Team High Performance), a friend who was dominating master class in dual, quad, individual and team when I started off in the early 90s... He set the bar for me, and this will be the first time we've shared a field since the mid-90s. :ani_notworthy:

PM me for more info on the off-chance you're thinking about attending!

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