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Bunch of kites for sale

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Hello All.

I have a bunch of kites for sale. I purchased way to many over the past 8 months and just don't have the time to fly them all like I would want to. So I am thinning out my collection. Most of this is brand new or just flown a few times.

complete = bag, lines,handles if that's what originally came with it.

  1. Prism EO Atom. complete. rainbow. flown 2 times $20
  2. HQ symphony 1.7TR. lines,handle,bag. green. brand new never flown $60
  3. x-kites red baron plane. complete. brand new never flown $10
  4. new teck kites desire ultra light. complete. blue/blk. flown 4 times $100
  5. HQ beamer 5 meter 5th gen. complete blue. flown 1 times $250
  6. HQ rush pro350 4th gen. complete. blue. flown 4 times $135
  7. HQ limbo 3 stack. complete. green/red/blue. flown 1 times $90
  8. premier kites 9ft delta. complete with line on yo-yo. circles/spears. flown 2 times $45
  9. HQ ground bouncer pig. complete. pink. used 3 times $25
  10. HQ ground bouncer pig. complete. pink. brand new never used $25
  11. HQ ground bouncer pig. complete. pink. brand new never used $25
  12. Premier kites 8ft peacock wrasse fish. complte. flown 1 times $100
  13. 4 big twist ground stakes. brand new never used $20

I also have a bunch of AFA Kiting magazines from a bunch of different years if anyone might be interested.

Thank you for your times and if you have any questions just let me know.

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