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What's your next kite?

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What I've done is to cut some heavy-duty rubber bands from a bicycle inner-tube, and lark's head knot one of the bands to the right & left lower spreader. When you put them into the center T, the band crosses the center T, effectively holding either side towards the center. I hope that's clear, I'm having trouble finding a picture...

That is the most extreme solution, but I've had kites that needed that. Angling the standoffs towards the center T works on most kites, and tempering the inputs...

I did this to all my competition kites back in the day... Still do whenever the T wants to pull apart... For outer fittings, I use black tape or a thin layer of shoe goo (dried) on the spar tips to tighten things up.

John, you may have been the person who taught me this trick, way back when I was new to your forum, the old forum, that is... The New Tech kites that I was flying at the time had this problem really bad...

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