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Revolution Kite Fly - 360 Degree Video


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Mike, Rose and Steve, three members of the 180 GO! Revolution kite flying team, perform with their personal kites over and near a 360 degree video camera at Montrose Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

We had a small group from the Illinois Kite Enthusiasts http://www.ikeclub.org show up on March 28 at frozen Montrose Beach. I placed my 360 video camera about 8 inches off the sand and asked Mike, Rose and Steve to fly their Revs in the area. The camera perspective and optics makes it appear that they were flying a distance away. For much of the time they had the kites within about 25 feet. The final landing was about 3 feet from the camera.

It's great to fly with these folks. They are very helpful to a beginner like myself. Letting me jump into the group and do whatever I feel that I can do. And yet gently nudge me to do better. That's me off to the side with my spiral. Airborne for a few seconds until I decided to just watch the masters.

More photos: https://www.facebook.com/events/1595871713961606/








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Awwwww, Bill, you didn't include the Sparkly Steve photo. The video is really cool!

I should have. So I've edited the original post and added the "sparkly Steve" photo at the end.


That one is going to become a "classic".

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