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Morro Bay Kite Festival 2015

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The 9th annual Morro Bay Kite Festival was held on April 25-26, 2015. Late Friday afternoon, I started my trip down to Morro Bay.

Saturday morning, we woke up to this.


It had rained overnight and was still drizzling and wet. We stalled a bit, and it quickly started to dry up.

Pretty soon, we were setting up in front of Morro Rock under blue skies.


The big kites were going up too. (Still some clouds every now and then, but no more rain.)


The sport kite fliers flew demos most of the afternoon. We had individual, pairs, and team routines, dual line and quad line. Apparently taking pictures slipped my mind, because I don't have anymore from Saturday. Somewhere in the middle of that we had a candy drop for the kids, dedicated to Jim Strealy. We ended the day with a Rev megafly. Winds were good and probably in the mid to upper teens throughout the day.

Sunday brought another wonderful day.

Our hotel had a kite festival banner out front.


Back to the beach for another day of flying. With light winds in the morning, several people (myself included) took advantage of the conditions to fly their dual line routines.

Around 12:30, we did a Rev megafly for Ron Despojado, who recently passed away.

Getting set up. The white Just Rev kite is a special kite made in memory of Ron, and is travelling to various festivals for people to sign.


We got 14 Revs in the air for this megafly, and spelled RON. I am still waiting for pictures to turn up on the internet, as I was flying in the megafly and obviously unable to take pictures.

Update: Found a picture from Mark Lummas's FB page. He said I could post it here.


In the middle of the megafly, the winds shot up from something like 7 to 17mph. Almost everyone was flying their light wind setups, leaving us all way overpowered. Fortunately nothing broke and no catastrophes occurred. After we finished the megafly, everyone changed over to vented kites, and the wind would stay around the mid to upper teens for the rest of the day.

Like Saturday, more demos were flown throughout the afternoon, with another kids candy drop at one point.

The large kite display from Sunday.


The announcer found this guy (on the right) with a cool looking tetrahedral cellular that he made himself. Looks like Mark and Jeanette Lummas are photobombing with their docked Revs.


Messing with the MC. The bottom kite landed on the announcer's head for a while.


We ended the festival with another Rev megafly. It was a wonderful two days despite the initial rain delay and somewhat strong winds.

And to top it all off, I got to enjoy the sun setting behind Morro Rock while having dinner before heading out of town.


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Thanks for the pictures, J. What spectacular scenery ! I know, you West Coasters are used to topography, but here on the East Coast, it looks extraordinary. I don't think I'd ever want to go home...

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Found a picture of the Rev megafly for Ron. I've updated the first post to include it.

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